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"Thanks for developing a great product that will help my guys return home safely at the end of each day. The feedback has been awesome!"

James M. Wright

Metals Recycling Business

Schnitzer Steel Hawaii Corp.


"As a Certified Safety Professional and an Insurance Broker, I see great value in roll off drivers using the Boom Dog safety bar. Hand and finger injuries are one of the most frequent claims and use of the safety bar will also help avoid large losses of falling material from roll off boxes when the door is swung open. Companies that are proactive with safety have fewer claims and pay much less for insurance. Using the Boom Dog safety bar is a big step in the right direction."

John E. Schumacher, CSP

Insurance Broker / Safety Professional

Assurance Agency- Schaumburg, IL

Senior Vice President

“Our goal is to have such an assist tool in the hands of every Omnisource driver. The Boomdog Bar will become a valuable standard safety tool for our truck drivers.”

Greg Kadziolka - Corporate Safety Manager Omnisource

Dynamic Details Magazine

Roll Off Safety Priority #1.

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