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Roll-Off Safety & Safety Tool in Auburn, Indiana

Ensure roll-off safety when you use your trucks with an innovative safety tool from Highco Safety, LLC in Auburn, Indiana.

Boom dog Safety Bar

Designed for one and all in the roll-off truck business, the Boom Dog Bar is used to open the door to a roll-off box, a container measuring anywhere from four to eight feet tall, 20 feet long, and about eight feet wide.

Dangers of Roll-off Boxes

Roll-off boxes are normally used for hauling garbage, steel, and concrete. These contents push against the door and can come out quickly when the door is open. With such pressure, the door is sometimes difficult to open when you try to release the latch. Forcing it usually requires you to place your body in a dangerous position. Ratchet type latches (because of the slow release) have the highest incentedent of doors still not opened even though latches are released. requiring the patented punch and pry abilities of the safety bar.

Role of the Safety Bar

Instead of having you put your body in harm's way at such times, the safety bar fits over the top of the latch and allows you to release it from a safe distance. Remove the safety pins, slide the safety bar over the latch, and release the latch, while keeping yourself out of the opening door's way.


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