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Safety Glove Program    

Drivers need gloves. People get cut, things fall on your hands. If steel toed boots are required, why do drivers cover their hands with cheap gloves with minimal protection? We have tested these safety gloves for the past 6 years and have found them to be a superior product for this price point. The average driver goes through a pair of gloves in one week. Go with a pair that can last up to 3 months or more. These gloves are cost effective due to longevity. The Thinsulate not only provides insulation, but introduces a layer of padding that reduces the impact of any scrape or blow to the hands. The leather construction and double stitch sewing provides the durability that survives the 35-40 times a day a roll-off drivers would put on and take off their gloves. Not only are you providing your drivers a superior glove, you're increasing your drivers' personal safety. Superior PPE, provides superior protection.

1 Pair - $9.99

6 pair set - Call

For bulk purchasing information and help on implementation strategies, contact us at

Highco Safety.

Your drivers will smile the first time they wear these affordable premium gloves!!!

These gloves shown

are 3 months old, taken on and off an estimated 2500 times.

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