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A Short History of Highco Safety, LLC in Auburn, Indiana

From Keith High of Highco Safety, LLC:

"I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my invention, the Boom dog Safety Bar. I believe you will find that is is a vital tool needed by every roll-off and transfer trailer driver.

First, I would like to give you some history about the idea and development of the Boom dog Safety Bar. After a severe injury to my left ring ringer (sustained while opening a roll-off door) I found myself wondering how I could have prevented the accident. Unfortunately a lot of safety policies and ideas are a result of an injury.

I have 20 years in the roll-off business: 10 years as a manager, 3 years as an owner and 7 years as a driver. I have taught safety classes, created safety policies, and practiced safety on a daily basis. After an injury to one of my drivers (sustained while pulling a roll-off door open with the safety chain) I implemented a "side of box only" policy to keep the drivers in a safe zone with only minimum exposure to potential harm. I was in this "safe zone" when I shattered my own finger. I needed a way to open the roll-off doors without putting myself in harm's way. My injury cost my company over $5,000 dollars and a personal loss of over $2,000 dollars.

The idea for the Boom dog Safety Bar came to me during rehab treatments and the development began soon after. The first try had a pointed claw on one end and the open end latch leverage on the other. It was about 4 feet long and weighted about 16 pounds. It did the job, but it wasn't perfect yet. The claw end looked like German Shepherd dog ears (later I would flatten the claw tips for safety reasons).

So I had a protection device with dog ears and my dog Boomer came to mind. He was the most loyal protector I have ever known and my daughter called him "Boom dog" (hence the name). The original Boom dog Safety Bar weighed in at 12 pounds, a solid tool but some felt it was a bit too heavy. I have since developed a light weight steel bar weighing only 7 pounds, 40% less.

The photo you see at the top of this website is actually a photo of myself and Chance. Chance is Boomer's grandson and will represent my future trademark."

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