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Changing Bad Habits Saves Lives

Dear Highco Safety, I just wanted to send a thank you for keeping me safe.  I was always one of those roll off drivers that pulled on the safety chain to open doors.  A few months back, our company gave us all Boom dog bars and mandated that we use the bar every time we open the roll of door.  Yesterday I used the bar to open the roll off box shown in the picture I sent you.  I released the latch using the bar, and the door still wouldn't open.  I then inserted the claw to pry the door open which moved me further away from the door.  The door released with such violence it swang all the way around and slammed the other side of the box.  The material you see on the ground actually came out sideways and some even bounced toward me.  Fortunately the bar had me 4 or 5 feet away from that opening and debris.  If I had pulled the chain which had been my habit for years, I'm not sure I'd still be here to write you this letter.  Thank you so much for inventing this tool, I think it probably saved my life.

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