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Safety bars and Mounts Made in Midwest America

Boom Dog Bars, Mounts, and Safety

Glove Program Now Available

There is never a good reason to wait on improving your drivers'

safety. Safety managers nationwide have stated this vital tool is a


intro to bar

Intro with Keith High President of Highco Safety

as seen at the ISRI Expo Orlando 2013

Proud members of Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries

as seen at the Waste Expo in New Orleans 2013

The first tool designed for drivers, promoting roll off safety. Designed by drivers, for drivers. Make the move.

pull pins

Remove pins with ease and control.

Extra Distance

Boom Dog Leverage gives you 5 feet of distance from the door keeping you in the safe zone, and makes the door easier to open.


Pry the door open while staying in the safe zone.

clean liquid tight seal

Clean your liquid tight seals on container without ever getting your hands dirty.



Patent Pending

Every day we are hearing driver stories about how the safety bar stopped severe injury due to staying in the safe zone.

remove chains

Remove chains with no worry of pinching hands.


Boom Dog Punch feature allows you to push a stuck door open while staying free of falling debris.

Push the door open staying in the safe zone.

saggy door assist

When a container starts to age, the door starts sagging making it difficult to close. The Saggy Door Assist feature makes it much easier.

Highco Safety LLC

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